Top Hair Colors that are trending this year!

Top hair colors

With the New Year, let’s try the new hair colors. Hair color trends are constantly changing and they are blending up, you will see people with many different hair colors in the markets. Here are the best hair colors that you must try this season. They look uber stylish and will transform your complete look, have a look at them:

  • Blorange

Top hair colors

This color is the combination of peach and strawberry. It is a big trend that is being followed this season and it looks very stylish. If you are a fashion forward person, trying this color is a must!

  • Monochrome hair

Top hair colors

The gray blonde look gives you the feel of monochrome. So yes, they are not just in for the clothes but for your hair as well. Try this look this season and have a huge positive change in your personality.

  • Ash-brown hair

Top hair colors

Ash-brown never looks bad. It is that one shade which makes a statement every year and it is back this year as well.

  • The hidden highlights

Top hair colors

The hidden highlight looks more than perfect. They are barely visible and leaves the other person confused about what your actually hair looks like. The hair with hidden highlights look irresistible when you make a nice hair updo so the highlights become a little visible.

  • Balayage Ombre highlights

Top hair colors

Balayage ombre highlights look very rich and they add a very expensive look to the hair. They make the complete look very stylish and are on trend this year. You must follow this hair look and hit the parties.

  • Amethyst Roots

Top hair colors

In the case you need to have a little fun with your hair, you can try the Amethyst roots look. It is the latest trend and with this, you don’t have to retouch your roots every other month or every two weeks.

All these hair shades are trending this year and they look all classy and stylish. Have fun!

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