Top 7 Fascinating Eye Makeup Styles!

Eye Makeup Styles

Well! Every day with the same eye makeup might add more boredom to this monotonous routine of our lives. Therefore, it is always recommended to try out different styles and trends of eye makeup that you can apply every day and see how fresh your day will be. Here are top 7 amazing eye makeup tutorials that you can comfortable apply!

  1. Smokey Eyes:

If you are a fan of Smokey eyes but you wonder if this might look gaudy at the same time; here’s an easy way.

Eye Makeup Styles

Go for muted Smokey eyes makeup and make your eyes look beautiful without having to worry about it at all.

  1. Grey Eyes:

Tired of applying the same black eye shades every other day? Go for Smokey grey colors and see how beautifully they transform the entire look of your eyes.

Eye Makeup Styles

You can combine them with hues of maroon or even a bit of a blue with wider outline for better looking eyes.

  1. Green Eyes:

Day makeup looks beautiful when green shades are applied that’s why working women from all over the globe like to add a touch of green to their eye makeup when they get ready for work.

Eye Makeup Styles

Moreover, you can also combine them with various shades of maroon, light grey or even black.

  1. Glittery Makeup:

A little bit of glittery makeup will change your mood especially if you have combined it with blue shades.

Eye Makeup Styles

This will not only make your eyes look gorgeous but also give them a very formal professional look while at work.

  1. Charcoal Eye Makeup:

If you are a fan of black eye makeup but tired of using the same color every day; try going for a different shade of charcoal smoked eye color.

Eye Makeup Styles

It’s a splendid idea and you will be amazed to see how fashionable your eyes will look if you will combine it with shades of pink or golden.

  1. High End Smoked Eyes:

Every now and then; do apply high end Smokey eye makeup. If you will apply artificial eyelashes with this makeup; your eyes will look more modern and chic.

Eye Makeup Styles

Since this is a dark makeup; it should not be applied every day but change is always different.

  1. Simple Eye Makeup:

Not a fan of too much eye makeup but need to do it due to professional commitments; here’s an easy way to do it.

Eye Makeup Styles

Go for simple day time eye makeup combined with different and unique shades like magenta or blue.

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