Top 5 Tips to Grow Hair Faster!

Grow Hair Faster

The way your hair look says a lot about your entire well-being and health! If you will not take care of them in a proper way; you might end up losing them way early than you can imagine. Now who doesn’t look long hair? Long, healthy hairs are symbolic of being beautiful.

We sometimes find it tough to follow a routine that include taking care of our health due to our busy schedules. So, here are top 5 easy tips to grow your hair faster.

  1. Use Scissors:

You might find it surprising but scissors can be your best friend when it comes to obtaining long hair in less time. It is recommended to get your hairs trimmed occasionally after every 2 months or so and you will be amazed to see them grow.

  1. Use Eggs:

Eggs are considered to be the ultimate source of proteins for your hair especially the egg whites. They have been used to grow hairs faster since centuries and the trend is still very much in fashion. Grab a couple of eggs; break them into a bowl, separate the whites and apply them as a mask on your head to acquire great results.

  1. Water Intake:

Never forget the importance of drinking more water when it comes to hair growth. Since, your body is full of toxins; water helps it to purify and get rid of these poisonous fluids in your body and thus in turn gives your hair that extra shine and bounce.

  1. Less Use Of Hair Dryer:

Stay away from using too much hair dryer after taking a shower. We often tend to be in such a rush that we forget how dangerous hair dryer can be for the health of our hair. If it is so necessary; use it just twice in a week.

  1. Oils And Massage Creams:

Essential oils and massage creams or masks are important to keep your hair look shiny, healthy, bouncy and lengthy. Mix the natural herbs like lavender, castor oil, rosemary and thyme with a touch of lemon to create perfect oil for long and healthy hair.

Some hair goals for you to check out now:

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