Hair Inspiration: Top 7 Hair Extension Looks You Must Check Out!

hair extensions hairstyles

Hair extensions are super fun when it comes to hair styling, but it can be really tricky to find out the right kind of extension that look nice in your hair and merge well with your hair color.

Don’t worry!

If you are searching for some good-looking hair extension hairstyles, look no further than this list! I have compiled all kinds of great hair extension looks for your right on this page.

Have a look:

Boho Braids Look

hair extensions hairstyles

This boho braids look is amazing to have in hair extensions!

Easy and classy to try <3 

Braid Style

hair extensions hairstyles

Do you love braid hairstyles? Then this one is for you!

As hair extensions come in different sizes, long ones can give you this perfect braid look easily! It’s simple to make this side braid and it looks gorgeous in highlighted hair.

Long Dramatic Curls

hair extensions hairstyles

When I had short hair I always wondered how to have dramatic curls in my hair with such short length of my hair. Well, hair extension looks are just magic, you can easily have your hair curled through a nice curler and have long dramatic curls In no time! <3

Half Bun Half Down

hair extensions hairstyles

This hairstyle is trending hot these days!

You can surely try this one pretty easily and the extension will spice up your hair look into really fine half up and half down real quick <3 


hair extensions hairstyles

This is side Dutch braid ponytail hairstyle!

It looks perfect in thick hair, so this is another amazing hair extension look! <3

Radiant Balayage

hair extensions hairstyles

The best thing about hair extensions is that you have them in any hair color and highlights you want! So, if you want to try balayage! Go for it now <3

Wedding Style

hair extensions hairstyles hair extensions hairstyles

Last one that I have here is a simple wedding hairstyle!

Hair extensions are best used on weddings <3

Hope these hairstyles helped you find some really nice hair extension looks. Keep reading for more fashion posts!

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