8 Stunning Red Lipstick Tips and Makeup Styles Every Girl Should Try!

red lipstick tips

Have you ever wondered how stunning red lipstick looks on your lips?

Of course, you have! If you have been dying to pull off a bold red lipstick look but you don’t know how to wear it right, you are on the right page. Take a look at these wonderful red lips tips, girls!

I have listed all kinds of red lips makeup looks for you from casual regular makeup look to dramatic and party makeup look.

Finding the right kind of red lip color is a bit difficult, if you don’t know what look you are going to try it for!

The natural makeup look is easy to try and draws a lot of attention to your face! Having lots of mascara, simple skin shade on your eyes and bold red lips can do it!

Famous makeup artist suggests that you consider the lighting around you. “If you’re going to be outdoors, pick a softer or sheerer shade,” said by Rachel Lockhart, owner of Rachel’s Makeup Studio. “For evening, go bolder, so your features stand out.”

Hacks and Tips:

Avoid red lipstick if you have thin lips! It makes your lips look smaller.

Only experiment with extreme shades if you have contrasting skin tone and hair (for instance, wheatish skin, brown hair and green eyes).

Don’t apply dark eye shadow on your eyes. Lipstick designer Poppy King says that “Pair red lipstick with the lightest possible eye makeup”. A beige or brown shade with mascara is best.

Don’t mix a red lipstick color in a lip shade that is too different like pink.

Synchronize your look. Apply a blush on that goes along with your lip shade like skin and peach shade.

Be detailed! Don’t apply a red lipstick when you are travelling. Red lipstick must not ever be applied informally in the back of a taxicab!

Don’t use a red lip liner. If it is not complimenting your lipstick perfectly (and chances are it actually won’t), you will get a two-tone result.

Don’t forget to apply a slight concealer around the edge of your lips.

Try to avoid getting lipstick on your teeth that looks weird.

So, these were the tips that you can utilize next time you try a red lipstick!

Now, have a look at these amazing red lipstick looks and enjoy!

red lipstick tips red lipstick tips red lipstick tips red lipstick tips red lipstick tips red lipstick tips red lipstick tips

Hope you like these tips and hacks+ red lipstick looks.

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