5 Big Eyes Makeup Hacks

eye makeup hacks

You don’t need to invest so much time before a mirror to get the cosmetics consummate. There are a wide range of little hacks that can be utilized and they will let applying makeup significantly less demanding. After consulting many beauticians, we have come to terms that these five are the biggest eye makeup hacks and a must to know:

  • Use your eye liner pencil as gel liner

Gel liner is better than eye makeup pencil as it is smooth and easy to apply. You can make your eye makeup pencil into a gel liner by this simple tutorial by DIY. This will make your eye makeup pencil as smooth as gel liner. Make sure to cool this pencil down before applying on your eyes.

eye makeup hacks

  • Hack to make your eyes look bigger with makeup

Apply the mascara in upwards direction to give them a fuller look. Apply on the downside as well in the direction of your nose. This simple hack will not just make your eyes look bigger but will make them look beautiful as well.

eye makeup hacks

Boldness never goes wrong and this trick of applying the mascara will make you all bold and glamorous!

  • Silver eye pencil is more than magical

When you use silver pencil as a base coat so the eye shadow will look more than great! Silver eye pencil works like magic and gives the eye shade a lot more sizzling look, making it bright and bold at the same time. Silver eye pencil not just works great as an eye pencil but it works amazingly well as a base coat too!

eye makeup hacks

  • The winged eye liner look

The winged eye liner look is not as difficult as it looks. You can draw whatever you need with an eye pencil and just fill in the gaps.

eye makeup hacks

  • Easiest way to apply the glue to your eye lashes

Simply use a cotton bud to apply glue to your fake eye lashes. If the cotton area does not work for you, use the stem alone to do it. Simple and easy!

eye makeup hacks

Play with these simple tricks and get the best eye looks!

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