The Trendiest Soft Brunette Balayage For Fall You Can’t Miss!

perfect and soft brunette balayage

perfect soft brunette balayage

Maybe a ash brown long mane with icy blonde tips?

soft brunette balayage in ash brown

Or go blonde from roots to ends!


One very popular one is the medium dark brown with waves and caramel blonde tips

soft brunette balayage with blonde tips

Or go all honey caramel with this idea

soft brunette balayage with caramel highlights

This has to be the perfect soft honey brown balayage


Sleek straight or wavy, either way, will look AMAZE on you.



Whatever shade you’re rocking, a balayage will give your locks a vibrant and shiny effect instantly.




The hottest hair color for the season

beautiful-dark-chocolate- balayage for Fall

Don’t be afraid of this trend. It was made to change your look without the dramatic transition we’re scared when it comes to our hair.


What you waiting for? If you’re a brunette and got tired of your current hairstyle, try a soft balayage this fall, you won’t regret it.

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