Top DIY Sneakers You Would Absolutely LOVE!

DIY Sneakers

Sneakers are the ultimate favorite shoes for casual walking and are very well-endorsed by almost everybody across the globe. It’s because of their popularity that sneakers are available round the year in different sizes and colors.

Almost all the colors can be found in sneakers now and you are just not restricted to the traditional black, white or blue shades anymore. Here are top 5 DIY sneakers that you would just love to get your hands on.

  1. Glittery Vans:

Got a pair of white sneakers and want to give it a whole new look? Well! You can paint them with sparkly glitters in golden or silver color and they will look absolutely stunning.

DIY Sneakers

Moreover, you can also give them a contrasting combination of black or white glitter or golden or silver for that matter.

  1. Striped Sneakers:

Blend in with the idea of DIY multi-striped pair of sneakers to give them a stylish outlook.

DIY Sneakers

You can paint up the stripes either in combination of two colors or even in multi-shade so that they can give a more stylish and chic outlook without making much effort about it.

  1. Dotted DIY Sneakers:

If you love your sneakers; it is time to give it a whole new look and what better way to do this than to paint polka dot designs on it!

DIY Sneakers

So, if you have plain colored sneakers; paint them with any kind of polka dots and they will look just stunning in no time.

  1. Net Made Sneakers:

Got a spare piece of net that you just don’t know how to utilize? Here’s good news! Apply that piece of net to the pair of white sneakers that you love so much and make it look extremely stylish to look at.

DIY Sneakers

It will look beautiful from aesthetic point of view and will cost nothing as well.

  1. Painted DIY Sneakers:

No matter whether you own a couple of pair of sneakers or a dozen of them; if they will all be plain, they will get boring after sometime.

DIY Sneakers

However, if you paint some of them with different abstract art designs; they will look more pretty and stylish at the same time. So, go ahead and give it a try today!

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