Top 8 Metallic Nail Art Designs You Must Check Out!

metallic nail art ideas

If you are thinking to give your nails a fabulous nail art, let me tell you this that nothing really beats the classiness of metallic nail designs. Despite the fact that silver and golden are amazing choices, there are various other combinations and fun colors that are just going to make you fall in love with this nail trend.

Have a look at this gorgeous list of top 8 metallic nail art designs:

Mirror Effect Metallic Nails

metallic nail art ideas

Top in the list is mirror effect metallic nails! These are so just perfect for any night party or wedding event! <3

White, Gold and Black Metallic Nails

metallic nail art ideas

These are my personal favorite! This mix of gold and black metallic nail color on off white base will take your nail art to next well!

French Tips

metallic nail art ideas

Black French tips on metallic gold nail polish will make your nails look so stunning! You can wear these in any party for sure <3

Metallic Drip Nails

metallic nail art ideas

These are a mix of sexy and classy <3

These purple metallic drip nails are just so super hot to try!

Metallic Neutral Nails

metallic nail art ideas

This one is classy yet elegant! Triangular shapes with metallic just is just amazing <3 

Pink with Metallic Dots

metallic nail art ideas

This is one super sassy and cute nail art with a hint of metallic polka dots!

 Metallic Geometric Triangles

metallic nail art ideas

Geometric symbols always make nails look really stylish but with a stripe of gold metallic nail color along with it can turn your nail art into something really more attractive!

Black and Silver Metallic Nails

metallic nail art ideas

This picture is so gorgeous that even I want to try this one out right now! Silver and black metallic nails are just the right nail trend to follow!

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