Top 8 Makeup Trends You Must Try This Season!

Top Makeup Trends

Your skin is your ultimate companion. Therefore, you should go extra miles to make it look more bright and healthy. However, it’s better to let go of the conventional makeup trends and embrace the new ones so that you may end up having a glowing skin. Here are top 8 makeup trends you should be going for this season.

  1. Colors:

This year; it’s all about applying neutral color combinations including the shades of peach and pink.

Top Makeup Trends

Softer tones are welcomed instead of the dark, gaudy ones and they look beautiful.

  1. Eyebrows:

This season is all about having the perfect, natural eyebrows. Curves are old school now and straight and neatly made eyebrows are in fashion now.

Top Makeup Trends

So, high arches are a big no now and naturally arched ones are in trend.

  1. Matching Colors:

2017 is all about experimenting with colors, no matter in matching styles or in contrasting combinations.

Top Makeup Trends

Loud and bold colors are in trend and the same goes for makeup as well. However, you got to keep the earth factor alive so that the makeup suits you more.

  1. Gloss:

One of the makeup trends that are here to stay for long is the replacement of the conventional lipstick shades to the lip glosses.

Top Makeup Trends

Obviously, the gloss colors vary from the traditional lipstick shades so you got to look around for the colors that would suit you more.

  1. Eyeliner:

One of the latest trends in makeup that this year of 2017 has seen is the shiny eyeliners.

Top Makeup Trends

These eyeliners are different from the usual ones and give a glittery yet beautiful appearance to your eyes very effortlessly.

  1. Eyelids:

This year is all about beautifying your eyes especially when you want to apply makeup.

Top Makeup Trends

That’s why golden and silver metallic lids are very much in fashion as they give a very elegant and modern outlook.

  1. Dark Mascara:

Make an everlasting fashion statement by applying dark colored mascara to your eyes while doing makeup.

Top Makeup Trends

Colors like burgundy or shades of red are very much encouraged in mascara this year.

  1. Curved Lips:

Since the makeup trends for this year are more inclined towards minimal effect; dimensional lips will be very much in trend.

Top Makeup Trends

These lips are created mainly by adding a touch of glitter with the help of a highlighter to create that perfect curve.

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