Top 7 Fresh Nail Art Designs 2017!

Nail Art Designs 2017

Are you a fan of pretty nail art? Looking for some gorgeous nail art designs that are in trend this year? Here are top 7 fresh nail art designs that you should definitely check out and apply in this ongoing year of 2017.

  1. Blue Color:

This might sound unconventional but this is what is in trend these days. Go for deep pastel blue shades for nail art this year.

Nail Art Designs 2017

They will look absolutely beautiful and will give your nails a very trendy and chic look.

  1. Abstract Nail Art:

Get a bit trendy this year with abstract nail art as this is very much in fashion.

Nail Art Designs 2017

You can opt for different abstract designs and color combinations either in contrasting manner or similar patterns and you will absolutely love your nails afterwards.

  1. Go Pink:

Since spring season is right upon us and it is that time of the year when you can just embrace as many colors as you want and no one will say a word about it.

Nail Art Designs 2017

A season of colors will surely welcome colorful nail art including milky pink shades so go for it.

  1. Combinations:

How about blending in different combinations of light and dark colors when it comes to applying them as nail art?

Nail Art Designs 2017


Well! This is a relatively new trend which has become immensely popular over the recent years so you can also give it a try today!

  1. A Touch Of Brown:

One color that would never go out of fashion no matter wherever it is applied is the shade of brown.

Nail Art Designs 2017

You can apply it anytime you want and it will look as trendy and chic as it can be.

  1. Floral Nail Art:

A relatively new trend that has become very popular recently is the application of floral nail art.

Nail Art Designs 2017

This can be found in different designs and colors and are perfect for any kind of occasion.

  1. Neon Nail Art:

By applying neon nail art on your nails; they will surely look very aesthetically appealing.

Nail Art Designs 2017

It is because of this very reason neon art trend is very much in demand these days and is very well-endorsed by all the ladies across the world.

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