Top 6 Ombre Hair Ideas to Try at Home Right Now!

ombre haircolor

Ombre hair color is getting so popular day by day not only in girls but in guys as well

You know why? Let me give you a valid answer! Because it needs fairly less maintenance and above that there are loads of diverse shades that can be occupied to accomplish that subtle fading effect.

To be honest, it will be best to have it done in a salon but if you would like to change your hair color at home check these amazing ombre hair ideas for you to try in 2017 now!

Have a look:

Dark Ombre

ombre haircolor

If you have dark hair you will love this hair ombre style. It is clearly not a delicate version of ombre as we can see the transformation of light to dark hair color shade. This ombre style looks remarkably attractive on girls who have long hair. And yes! It is  a low-maintenance hair look.

Bohemian Blonde Ombre

ombre haircolor

This is best option for girls who have lighter hair for example ash, bohemian or platinum blonde. If you want to re-form this ombre style at your home, you must have to be super cautious or else you can mistakenly deepen or darken the tips of the hair locks when it is supposed to be lighten them up. Also, you must be very careful with this that you don’t damage your hair strands.

Multicolor Ombre

ombre haircolor

ombre haircolor

If you don’t want to try just one color you can try out multicolor ombre style. This is an amazing idea when you have the right information and skill of combing and applying different shades through the strands.

Check out this awesome video tutorial for dyeing your hair in multicolor ombre at home.

Light Ombre

ombre haircolor

If you are searching for drastic hair transformation, try out the pastel shades of ombre. Pastels are cool to accomplish when you have light hair for example blonde.  Go lighter and have some nice waves in your hair! I am sure your friends and family would love your new hair look!

Ombre for Short Hair

ombre haircolor ombre haircolor

Bob cuts are astonishing mainly when you are aiming for a low maintenance hair look that would not need a lot of hair care afterwards. You can style your short hair with waves and curls as well if you will have an ombre in short hair. It looks just perfect! <3

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