Top 10 Christmas Makeup Ideas You Would Simply LOVE!

shimmery makeup bold lips

Are you worried how you will look on Christmas with all this stress and busy schedule? Don’t worry! By trying these easy and straightforward makeup ideas, you will appear party-pretty in no time. You can try one or all of these 10 amazing ideas to shine on Christmas this year! <3

Have a look! 🙂

Beauty Tip # 1 Shine With Shimmer!

Shimmer Beauty Makeup

We all love strings of light on trees and around our homes on Christmas. Don’t we? It’s because these shining lights make everything appear so gleaming and nice! The same thing goes for makeup highlighters. If you want to get your own shine, add shimmer or a glittery powder over your cheek bones, nose and below your eyebrows. It will give you a dazzling look that you can flaunt whole day <3

Beauty Tip #2 Eye Brows!

Eyebrows Makeup Tips

Eye brows play a major part in your overall makeover. Trust me on this! It is essential to comb the hairs of eye brows and fill in bare spots; this will add so much attraction on your face. You can try useful brow-grooming kits which have everything from mini tweezers to eye brow powder and mirror!

Beauty Tip # 3 French Manicure!

French Manicure Style Christmas

What is better than a French manicure redecorated with radiant versions of beautiful pink and white colors? Manicured nails will give your hands a perfect fine look for Christmas!

Beauty Tip # 5 Eyeliner

Classic Red Makeup Christmas Angelina Jolie Makeup

Black liner lined across the top eye lid gives a daring yet graceful signature look that requires very minute effort: Just think about Angelina Jolie! *_* she has almost never been photographed without her amazing statement eye look. And that’s true!

Beauty Tip # 5 Lipstick

Dark Lips Eyeliner Style Christmas

You are going to get enough chocolate on Christmas! So, instead of trying mainstream matt browns, reach for dark shades of red. Reddish undertones will give your lips the look they deserve in fall <3

Beauty Tip # 6 Part Your Hair Differently

Christmas Makeup Red Lips

 If you normally part your hair on right, then try parting them on left! This will add a great change! Haircuts sometimes won’t be as you wish them to be! But by just sectioning your hair in a different way can change your style and add body to your hair.

Beauty Tip # 6 Blush On!

Blush on Makeup Ideas Blush on Styles

Blush is non-negotiable, when it comes to any party season! Amplify your own rosiness by add blush colors on your cheek bones! Apply a dark and light shade of blush along with shimmer!

Beauty Tip # 7 Eye Shadow!

Gold Eyeshadow makeup ideas Golden Eye Makeup

Do you know? Applying basic gray shadow with the blend of gold, purple, and green or any other vibrant color will give you an amazing look. Just have gray shadow as your base color and highlight your eye corners with silver! This is going to look just PERFECT <3

Beauty Tip # 8 Burgundy Nails!

Burgundy Nails Christmas Burgundy Nails

 Burgundy nails are so in trend! You should have them this year to complete your party look! It depends on your style if French Manicure would be something you like or this nail color but I must add it is richer than red shade and more wearable than any other dark nail color. Burgundy has just the right modern sense that won’t go out of style any soon! 🙂

Beauty Tip # 9 Eye Lashes

Huda Beauty Eyelashes

Don’t forget to apply eye lashes! They will take your look to another level!

 Beauty Tip # 10 Smile!

Smile Makeup Ideas

The last beauty tip I want to add here is that you smile and cheer up on Christmas! Sometimes, even when you have a perfect look you don’t look that beautiful. The major reason for this is that you don’t smile out of nervousness or sadness. Whatever reason holds you back from smiling! Just forget about it and smile bright! It will make you look simply the BEST! <3

Hope this article helped you with some great ideas you can now try on Christmas! If you have any beauty ideas, please do share!

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