Eye Makeup Trends: Top 7 Eyeliner Styles You Must Check Out! <3

eyeliner style

Do you want to know some really gorgeous looking eye liner trends? Then this post is for you.  We all know for a fact that without the touch of eyeliner makeup is looks incomplete. If the eyeliner styles are unique and stylish, they even add more beauty in the entire makeover.

If you wishing to look party pretty or just aiming to rock your casual first date, I assure you these eyeliner styles will help you a lot. No need to spend hours and hours on just this trick. You should first know which eyeliner style suits your face and personality the best.

Most of the girls out there wear liquid eyeliners these days to have on their eyeliners on point. Everyone has different face shape, so not all eyeliner styles compliment every face. The list I have here for you is very much appropriate and perfect for all girls. These styles can really aid girls who have small eyes; they can make their eyes look bigger by applying these styles with liquid liners.

Check these amazing eyeliner styles now and thank me later:


eyeliner style

Winged liner always is the best one to go for!

It has been in trend for a couple of years now and seems like it is going to be there for long. It looks great even without eyeshadows.

 The Flick

eyeliner style

This one is quite simple and elegant!

If you like to wear darker shades of lipsticks this one is or you!


eyeliner style

A touch of glitter just changes the eyeliner style so well!

Try this look and you will simply love it <3


eyeliner style

This one is my personal favorite and it’s the hottest trend right now!

Every college girl craves to have this perfect smudged eye look especially in winter <3

Cat Eyes

eyeliner style

This one is a bit tricky I know! Every time you try cat eyeliner you must find yourself worried whether it’s properly done or not. With some practice and right tutorials you can make perfect cat eyeliner in no time!

Check this amazing tutorial video here:


eyeliner style

This one is classy and elegant at the same time.

If you have a dancing ball to attend or there some nice annual dinner coming up, try this wonderful eye makeup trend.

Double Fish-tail

eyeliner style

Last one I have in the list is fish tail eyeliner!

It’s really cool but not everyone can make it look this great. I suggest you to apply white eye pencil in under your lower lash line and don’t take the fish tails too high when you try this eyeliner look.

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