8 Gorgeous Nail Art Ideas For Girls Who Are Going To be Bridesmaids Soon!

nail art ideas

Are you a planning to be a bridesmaid soon? Well, I can tell you are! It’s the time of the year when weddings are happening every weekend.

Excited to get yourself a really pretty dress and get your nails done? Well, check this fabulous list of nail art ideas and they will surely make you the star of the show! <3

 Rhinestone and White Nails

nail art ideas

The first one that I have in this is list is super easy and classy!

These stones are easy to stick and white nails will compliment your dress the most for sure! <3

White Manicure

nail art ideas

This one is another amazing nail art idea you can try. The simple white French manicure with these rhinestones will give your nails such a elegant and stylish look.

Nude Nail Art

nail art ideas

This might be something only girls who like an edge would like.

 On the other hand if you are wishing to stand out in the wedding reception of your friend/sister, this one is just right for you.

Gold Shiny Glittered Nails

nail art ideas

This one has so much WOW factor that even I want to try it!

Get these simple yet stunning gold shiny nails done in no time <3 and rock the bridesmaid look!

French Manicure

nail art ideas

Fourth one in the list is my personal favorite!

You can get this nail art done very easily and flaunt it as your statement style <3

Dark Gray and Silver Stiletto Nails

nail art ideas

Do you have long nails?

If YES then stiletto nails look flawlessly beautiful. Gray nail color with some complete touch of silver on one nail will be best!

Rhinestone Acrylic Nail Art

nail art ideas

Rhinestone acrylic nail art is the most awesome nail art idea to beautify your nails. I suggest you try this one with a nude shade of nail polish.

Gold Rhinestone and Black and white Nails

nail art ideas

Woah! This one just had me going crazy! I loved it and I am pretty sure you will too. Try this one out for your bridesmaid look and just thank me later!

Classy Patterned Nails

nail art ideas

Last one in the list is classy as hell. These patterns are easy and will make your nails look so chic!

Hope these amazing nail art ideas helped you find a easy peasy+gorgeous nail design!

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