7 Sensational Christmas Party Makeup Looks To Copy This Season!

berry tone makeup

Whether it is Gold, silver, bronze, copper or smokey black! All shades are in trend for the party season this year as long as they look good with your hair and eye color. In this article, you will find a list of hottest makeup shades you can try this on this year’s Christmas party. No matter if you have black hair, dark brown hair, or even lighter brown or blonde hair; all these makeup shades will look stunning on you.

Metallic Makeup Shades

mettalic shade

 It is well known that metallic shades are the hottest trend currently! Copper, bronze, silver or gold metallic hues compliments not only to dark hair but work well with tanned skin complexion as well where as silver is the right shade for a lighter skin complexion with dark hair.

Berry Tone Makeup Shades

berry tone makeup shades

 This one’s another absolutely amazing makeup shade to make you shine on Christmas. Berry tones look stunning with any shade of brown. You can use it as a blush or lipstick color and it will immediately ignite your overall look!

Burgundy Makeup Shades

burgundy makeup shades

Burgundy nails are really famous these days you must have known that but to be honest it is an incredibly strong and beautiful lip color that really makes the whole look more enhanced and appealing. It is the makeup shade for fall! It is a color every fashionista uses for winter.

Coral Makeup Shades

coral makeup

If you would like to go for something different then coral is the makeup shade you should use for your Christmas party look! It is surely the color to try if you have medium length brown hair.

Plum Makeup Shades

plum makeup shade

Plum shades of makeup go really great with dark and rich brown hair. You can add the color into your bush or eye shadow, this shade will enhance your over all look. This one will make you stand out at the Christmas party, I am pretty sure <3

Gold Bronzer Makeup Shades

gold bronzer makeup

If you have brown or blonde hair then you must go for a bronzer with gold accents or shimmery effect in it. And if you have a warm skin tone then choosing a gold bronzer will make your party look just PERFECT <3

Navy Makeup Shades

navy makeup shade

Last but not the least, if you have light hair and would like to switch to a different eye shadow for the Christmas party look then go for a navy eye shadow. This is an amazing color to make your eyes pop! *__*

Hope you liked these ideas and looks! <3 Happy Reading!

Original Source: watchoutladies

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