Best YouTube Makeup Artists To Follow in 2017!

Best YouTube Makeup Artists

It’s an absolute delight to learn different makeup techniques if you get to learn them via interactive sessions and live Blogs. That’s why YouTube can be the best and the most useful option in hand since you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, with the click of one button; you can easily get to know about a lot of ready information in no time.

Here are some nice artists that will teach you some awesome makeup techniques that are in fashion this year; check out these top 6 YouTube makeup artists now!

  1. Michelle Phan:

If you want to know how a liquid eyeliner can be applied without making much effort about it or how to put on makeup that would last longer; the YouTube channel of Michelle Phan is the one for you.

  1. Jaclyn Hill:

Are you a fan of highlights in your everyday makeup? Then the channel of Jaclyn Hill is what you need to subscribe to. She is famous for her collaborating with Becca Cosmetics and is a pro when it comes to highlights in makeup.

  1. ThatsHeart:

Having more than a billion followers on YouTube; THATSHEART is the channel you should subscribe to so that you follow your everyday makeup needs very conveniently. She has worked with famous beauty icons and offers a lot of makeup tutorials.

  1. Manny Mua:

Why the knowledge of beauty and makeup should be restricted to girls only? Manny Mua is a perfect example of being a beauty boy who would give a lot of handy tips and options to give you the perfect makeup lessons.

  1. Kathleen Lights:

With her own nail color line with the title of KL Polish; she has over 2.8 million subscribers on YouTube. For highlights and palette makeup; she is the best one around. Do check out her YouTube channel today!

  1. Laura Lee:

She is famous for testing all kinds of beauty products that are available and also give useful makeup tutorials by applying it directly on her first. She has teamed up with famous brands like Maybelline, Smash box & Revlon and also promotes their products on her blogs

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