7 Awesome Nail Art Designs For Girls with Short Nails!

nail art designs for short nails

Hey girls,

 Those times are pretty much long gone when girls were supposed to have long nails to look pretty!  Having longer nails is not always realistic as maintaining them can be a task difficult enough itself. Above all you know the hurdle and worry of breaking and filing them. And of course, sometimes your school or your work place atmosphere doesn’t allow you to have such big nails.

If you actually wish for sexy looking long nails you can easily get fake nails these days in the market, if your upcoming event calls for it. Nevertheless, today I have an amazing list of nail art designs for girls who have short nails. They can try these nail art ideas and have absolutely flattering and gorgeous looking nails!

 From some basics to incredibly innovative and exceptionally unmatchable nail art designs, this list have top 7 different styles your short nails must have! <3

Have a look:

Metallic Nails

nail art designs for short nails nail art designs for short nails

This list basically includes top nail styles and nail art designs! First one I have here the hottest trend of the year ‘metallic nails’ 

Marble Nails

nail art designs for short nails

Marble nails have been in fashion this winter! If you haven’t tried them already, go for them immediately as they look absolutely stunning!

Glitter Nails

nail art designs for short nails

This year has been so sparkly and dazzling because of glitter being so much in fashion! Whether It Is eye makeup, highlighters or nails, glitter is everywhere! So try this glittered nail art with silver glitter and glossy burgundish nail color <3

Matt Nails

nail art designs for short nails

OMG! This matt and glossy nail art is just so amazing to try! If you have short nails, this is the design you should have on New Year’s Eve!

Mythical Nails

nail art designs for short nails

Well! I don’t know what most of the fashion magazines advise you for your short nail art designs but I can surely tell this one is exclusive! You will love it as it is simple and exceptionally gorgeous! <3

Geometric Symbols in Nails

nail art designs for short nails

Another very simple and elegant nail art design you must try! <3

Simple triangles in the middle of your nails can enhance the beautiful light blue nail color!

Striped Nails

nail art designs for short nails

Last one I have in the list is striped nail art! I know it’s a bit common but it is never actually gone out of trend! You can try it with navy blue and white stripes with gold and red lining for your back to School look or a friend’s hang out. You would be amazed to find out how really cool this nail art design is <3

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