10 Different Lip Shades For Your Lovely Lips!

lip shades

Make up is always important! You won’t dent to the fact that we apply it even when we are in a hurry! A compact powder, black eyeliner and a nice color of lipstick is essential for all girls to look nice and fresh.

This post is about ‘10 different lip shades for your lovely lips’ You are not just going to love this post but you will also discover some really trendy lip colors-believe me!

Lipstick is something every woman should have in her purse and of course also in her makeup collection. Every woman out there loves different kind of lip shade. But you should all have this in mind how the seasons change and what colors are better to wear in a particular season. Lipstick stylist suggests bright colors for spring and summer whereas for autumn and winter they suggest darker shades of lipstick. What color is your favorite for lipstick?

Have you updated your lipstick collection? If not then you are on the right page!

You can make a statement with your lips by choosing lip shades that leave a long-lasting impression. Select a color which suits the outfit you are wearing and also make sure it looks adorable on you. My personal favorite is burgundy lip color!

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I hope this list of 10 different lip shades helped you find some great lip colors to try! Did you like anyone of them so much that you will try it?

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